Spotted: McDonald’s ShareBox @McDonaldsArabia

While at McDonald’s I spotted this box

It is called McDonald’s Share Box

For KD5.500, you can share your meal with four (or more). The options are Chicken Share Box, Beef Share Box, and Bites Share Box. They come in with two large fries and drinks 😉 Nice idea – but I wish it was open to mix and match sandwiches

علبة المشاركة من ماكدونالدز

الفرحة تكبر لمّا نكون سوا! تلذَّذوا مع العائلة والأصدقاء واتهنّوا بلقمة دجاج أو لحم بقر أو نقرشات من علبة المشاركة. طعم ونقرشة ودردشة



McDonald’s Share Box — Best enjoyed together

Smiles multiply when you share something. Grab a Chicken, Beef or Bites Share Box and get your friends or family to enjoy a delightful meal sprinkled with great conversations. Remember, the more the merrier!



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