More Pictures from @KidZaniaKuwait

Yesterday I posted sneak peek pictures of KidZania Kuwait, my dear Dr. Noura AlJandal allowed me to share more pictures… this time showing her Lulu as a press reporter, firefighter, nurse, dentist, painter in Abyat, perfume maker, and more 😉

قامت العزيزالدكتورة نوره الجندل بالسماح لي بنشر صور لولو  في كيدزانيا الكويت بعد أن نشرت صور اليوم المفتوح. المهم الصور حلوة وايد و ما قاومت إني أرد أكتب موضوع ثاني عن كيدزانيا! الله يحفظها ويبلغج فيها  و يرزقج برها 

Here is Lulu… my press reporter from KidZania Kuwait

And then printing her report at the press

And earning her KidZoz money – as a salary! How cute is this?

She’s been everywhere mashallah! Here is Lulu in Abyat… hard at work 😉

The cutest Fire Fighter ever

Making her own perfume mixes

Lulu the nurse

The Doctor at Dar AlShifa @daralshifa

And the dentist 😀

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