More on @BurganBankGroup #xchange Cards

As promised, I will try my best to update you all with all transactions I make (with steps if possible) of the x-change cards Burgan Bank has given me earlier (link). So this time it was a simple purchase done online to update Norton Protection on my laptop 😉

I chose to renew for 1 Year for the price of USD 39.99

So I reloaded my USD x-change Card for that amount, which was calculated to equal KWD11.389 (they also add a charge fee of KD1). Simple steps to follow, very similar to purchasing a movie ticket! Just visit THIS LINK to reload your card with the desired amout

Then I went back to process my purchase for the Anti-Virus package that I have picked, using my reloaded card

And voila! Order complete 😉

You can check Burgan Bank website (here) for more info on the x-change cards and follow them on Twitter @BurganBankGroup for more updates ;)

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