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Our friend Reham was visiting us one quiet afternoon and as I was making us instant coffee, she told me about Folgers Coffee Singles, a classic roast coffee bags! I quickly remembered the first time I had brewed coffee from a tea bag (link)! At last I know now they sell those! The very next day she got me a box (thanks dear xoxo) labeled as “Medium” for me to try out as she said it is not bad at all

 صديقتي رهام قالت لي عن قهوة محمصة من ماركة فولجرز تأتي في مغلفات تماما مثل أكياس الشاي! جربتها و حبيت سرعة و سهولة التحضير…. و الطعم طبعا. العلبة تحتوي على ١٩ كيس من القهوة محضرة من قهوة طبيعية مركزه و مطحونة. ممكن تجدونها في مركز سلطان

The box comes with 19 single bags (why not 20 :P) – you can find them at Sultan Center

As it says on the label, it is 100% pure coffee! Each coffee bag comes individually wrapped with instructions on how to brew, either by microwave or standard way

The color develops before fully brewed… A dark color may appear quickly, but just follow the instructions on the cover to allow the flavor to develop. The brewing time varies depending on your cup size

Really simple steps

See how the bag work as a filter… and the smell? Hmmm-so-good

I had it with homemade cookies made by my friend Shushu… the coffee is good considering how its done! Brewed coffee made instantly with a coffee bag! I am hooked – specially on those days I want to have a coffee quickly and on the-go, just grab a coffee bag and make a fresh cuppa-coffee brewed right in my mug/tumbler! Easy and convenient 😉 Thanks Reham 😉

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