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Earlier last week I was contacted by the Lovely Razan from StickyGinger in Dubai to attend a blogger event at The Meat Co. Restaurant in Kuwait at 360 Mall, but due to prior plans, I could not make it… so they invited me to go again on another day, and I picked the Wednesday Jazz Night at The Meat Co. This way I can try their new introduction to the menu: exclusive cuts of Rangers Valley Angus beef from Australia and enjoy the music at the same time 😉 So last night I went with my sister. We arrived at around 7:30PM

We started of with bread and butter. I believe the butter was herb infused or something, because it gave a distinctive flavor with this multi-grain loaf. It was serve with a complementary tomato soup! Such a yummy start. The soup was hearty…. I dipped my bread in the soup and I highly recommend you do so too 😉

At this point the General Manager was at our table, Mr. Ahmed Asran, who talked about their new Angus steaks exclusive to Meat Co. Kuwait. He suggested few cuts. Both my sister and I ordered our steaks rib-eye medium. I wanted chips with mine, she asked for mashed potatoes. Our waiter wanted to know if we wanted any sauces. I honestly like to have my steak as it is to enjoy its juices, so we asked for pepper sauce on the side and some mustard as well (which I love to have with steak)

Mr. Arsan also suggested we share a salad, the Rocket Apple & Walnut. The salad was divine! Made with fresh rocket leaves, shaved aged Parmesan cheese, sliced apples, spiced crispy walnuts, and drizzled with balsamic dressing! I have no complaints

We wanted to have sparkling and still water with our meal, but then changed our mind and decided to go with the Cape Town Wine (non-alcoholic)

Its a cold drink made with red wine (non-alcoholic) mixed with strawberries, peaches, passion fruit, and pineapple syrup! Funky & delicious

Around 8:00PM the Kuwait Jazz Trio band were already jazzing the night out

With Mike Seals as the pianist, Elmer Mendoza the bass master, and Benjamin Montano as the drumer – You can follow them on Instagram @kuwaitjazztrio – their music complemented the night very well.. the dimmed lights, the atmosphere, the music they played! Something for a change 😉 I like that they introduced this weekly Jazz Night option

And it’s steak time 😉

The three sauce, although not a fan of adding sauces to a steak.. I tried all of them, and the pepper sauce was the best in my and sister opinions! The steak as it is, as I said, was just perfect… with a side of dijon mustard and mustard in some bites, and some ground fresh pepper on top… you are set 😉

Cooked medium to our taste 😉

Upon arrival of our steaks, the Regional Manager of The Meat Co. visited our table and introduced himself, Mr. Hussein AlAraibi. A quick chit-chat after our few first bites to check on everything

So since I missed the presentation on the bloggers night, both Mr. Asran and Mr. AlAraibi talked to us about the breeding of this type of cattle. The Angus cattle is raised in farms in a way that they are relaxed most of the time. The beef is not to chewy (not full of muscles), and the steaks we had for dinner were juicy and full of flavor.

At the end they treated us to a dessert tasting platter made of five desserts made of chocolate fondant, South African Malva Pudding, apple crumble, tiramisu, and creme brulee.

I ordered an espresso to go along with those sweet bites, Anwaar ordered tea with mint. Now the desserts! I think Anwaar’s favorite was the chocolate fondant. Rich in chocolate with pistachios on top! I would have to say that I liked the tiramisu and apple crumble equally the same and more than the rest. I am not big on desserts, but those two options were light and not too sweet for my taste!


Thank you The Meat Co. for having us last night. I enjoyed my meal, the music, and the food. It was all good. Our waiter was Alex, and he was well aware of the menu and was helpful suggesting many dishes and appetizers, but we were not that hungry.


For reservation, call 25309696. Follow the Meat Co. on Instagram @themeatco for more updates 😉 Below is information about Wednesday Jazz Night at The Meat Co.

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