@BurganBankGroup #xchange Card Purchase Update

Hello you guys! I know I should have written this post earlier, but I got so busy! Here is my update on the purchase I placed on May 6th from Urban Outfitters using my Burgan Bank USD x-change Card (link)

This is the timeline:

  • May 6th: Order Placed
  • May 13th: Package received by MyUS.com

Here is the mistake I have made!!! I have not read that email till recently, in which it required me to “Request Shipment” to Kuwait. But I got around to it few days ago 😛 So….. a skip skip in time to

  • June 9th: Shipment Request to Kuwait
  • June 10th: Shimpment Shipped to Kuwait
  • June 15th: Shipment delivered to me in Kuwait (received)

So how long did it “technically” take to get to me (not counting weekends and off days)? Around 9 days. But since I made the mistake of not requesting to ship on spot, it took it more than a month for me – my bad! It is worth mentioning that Burgan Bank staff are keeping up with me and checking if I needed any help regarding the shipment (Thanks for the tip Thunayyan) – I need to check my email more frequently, but I have been overloaded lately!

Anyways… my shipment is here, and that’s what counts 😉 Right? And yes… I am enjoying my Urban Outfitters goodies so much 😉 Shown in this picture are my new coasters. Below are pictures of it from their website 😉

Lets places our glasses on those toasted coasters… let’s make a “toast”… Cheers! 😛

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