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Yesterday, my friend Lala suggested that we have breakfast at IKEA! I used to drop by IKEA Restaurant more in the past, but not so much these days… I like the food honestly! Yeah simple and presented to you almost identical to their posters/ads! Anyways… we went ahead and drove to The Avenues for a quick bite! I just needed a change of all those crowded restaurants and go for something old school

So this is how it goes; you take a cart, place your tray, and walk by their buffet. Its a grab and go kinda service, so you get to pick your sides from salads, drinks, condiments… etc!

We both went ahead and ordered IKEA Breakfast. Omlette with hash browns, two beef franks, and cherry tomato/parsley for garnish! I polished my dish, except for the parsley. Its not THAT amazing, but its really good. How do I put this in words. The omlettes were already prepared and kept under heat, but tasted fairly well. They are not as good as home cooked ones, but not even close to airplane food! Does that make sense? Hash browns were perfect and went well with the whole meal. I added hot sauce here and there for flavor, and the hot sauce they have at the restaurant is moderately spiced! Sausages were not oily and not too chewy. Broiled just right!

This is what I mean when I say almost identical to the poster 😉

I had mine with a bottle of water and black coffee. Lala had hers with black coffee and a side of salad. I attacked her salad (I love beetroots – cant help it)

Our total came to KD3.550 – to break it down:

  • Salad Bar KD1.250
  • IKEA Breakfast KD1.000 (500 fils each!!!)
  • Coffee KD1.000 (500 fils per cup of delicious aromatic black coffee)
  • A Bottle of Water 300 fils
Not bad at all! Nostalgic actually! I am planning to go more on such random mornings! I recommend it specially for those who want to spend time shopping at IKEA, drop by the restaurant it opens at 9:30AM, half an hour before the opening of the store and closes at 9:30PM half an hour before the closing time for IKEA. 
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Tel: 1840408
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