Breakfast at Cavalli

Noufa and I decided to have breakfast at The Avenues last week, and upon arriving to the mall we decided to head to Cavalli Caffe located in the Grand Avenue

The Caffe’s exterior (facade) is made with metallic 3D diamond shaped pieces, making it stand out in the area! What I love about those restaurants/cafes in The Grand Avenue is that you get the outdoor feel in an indoor covered mall, with a nice weather… hopefully year-round!

We decided to sit outside. The place is fully designed a la Cavalli way with all the different leopard prints, including the menus

We browsed through the menu to find a note from Roverto Cavalli saying “enjoy your time (heart)” Breakfast menu is simple, a one-page with four choices, one of them is the egg in which you can have it your way – in addition to the bread basket, croissants, and fruit platter

Both Noufa and I decided to have Colazione “Le Uova”. I wanted mine sunny side up with mushroom, cheese, and turkey on the side. Noufa wanted Omelet with smoked salmon and mushrooms on the side. I noticed they were not very familiar with the menu, cuz I asked for the sides and she side no side dishes come with sunny side up orders! A minute later she came and told me its ok to have sides!

Noufa ordered orange juice. I ordered American coffee, she asked me if I wanted milk or sugar, I said no just black. She responded plain? I said yes? Just plain simple black coffee

It was good! Perfect start for the day actually. Full bodied, not sour or watery

Noufa ordered Croissant with her egg, she liked it

The set up and arrangement of the plates, napkins, cutlery… and everything was neat. Our orders looked appetizing! I asked for fresh pepper on top – which I think they should have offered on spot while placing my dish on the table, but thats not a big deal

I have no complaints! Its a simple order really… Food was good. Mushrooms were cut fresh. Eggs were not well done, with runny yolks. It was a good breakfast and an amazing company with Noufa as usual

Our total came to KD16.900 – a bit on the pricey side – but it’s Cavalli Cafe 😉


Cavalli Caffe is located in the ground level of The Grand Avenue at The Avenues Mall and their Tel No. is 22201110 – Follow them on instagram @cavallicaffekw for more pictures and updates

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