@_21CARROTS_ Ramadan 2013 Edition

I was invited last week to 21 Carrots launch of Ramadan 2013 sweets and catering

تمت دعوتي لحضور إطلاق المجموعة الرمضانية من ٢١ كاروتس  في مركز التسوق في برج الحمرا. كان مساء ممتعا التقينا فيه بأصحاب البوتيك و بالعديد من الزوار و رواد المركز التجاري. جربنا العديد من الأطباق المعدة لرمضان هذه السنة من ماكرونز و فاكهة مجففة و مرينج مطعمة بنكهات رمضانية محلية و أنواع العصير و المزيد. يضم البوتيك أيضا مجموعة من الأزياء و الإكسسوارات

I arrived early and was able to snap pictures of the store and their collection

As you may all know, the window display which includes themes, colors, and setup changes a lot, giving a new look to the boutique. This time it was infused with colors and flavors of Ramadan

Pass around trays included different kind of juices and sweets… macarons, cake bites, dates dipped in chocolates and sugar, dried fruit, yogurt topped with fruit… you name it!

Decorations all around the place with nicely bottled goodies from nuts, macaron towers, flowers, and more

Yummy meringues all over in different colors and shapes

Cute for baby reception with the color of your choice

Aside of the juices, coffee, sweets, and bites…. 21 Carrots have a display of fashionable pieces…. lots of nice caftans this time to fit the Ramadan mood and theme

Drop by the store and check the collection yourself 😉 Its totally worth the visit. The boutique is located in Al Hamra Tower Luxury Center, and their tel # is +96522270280


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