The Early Bird #ebpickme @theearlybirdkw

The Early Bird is having an Instagram competition @theearlybirdkw under the hashtag #ebpickme. They are basically asking their Instagram followers/fans/restaurant visitors to hashtag their pictures with #ebpickme along with The Early Bird related picture(s) they take at their restaurants. They will pick 10 pictures and repost them on their page, the picture with most votes will win (Early Bird Food Pictures ONLY). So guys get creative and submit your pictures from now until June 10th. You can check their Facebook Page HERE for prize details

Follow them on Twitter @theearlybirdkw  and Instagram @theearlybirdkw  for more updates and mouthwatering pictures –


They are open Mon – Sat from 5:00AM to 3:00PM

Fahaheel Tel: 23925814

Jabriya: 25343009

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