Tap Anyone? @gotapnow

One of the creative invites that I have received while I was out of town was this box labeled with “PROBLEM”

Such a creative invite! Isn’t it? The box itself screams OPEN ME! I opened it to find two cards; one in Arabic and one in English… both explaining “Problem” on one side and the “Solution” to it on the back

So what is TAP? Since I missed their opening event, I went on to their website to get info. It basically allows you to pay and get paid with KNet, MasterCard, and Visa using your smartphone (immediate transactions) and with no set-up costs too!

Yes!! A new service that allows you to pay from your phone with what they explain as fast and simple process 😉 On their website (link), you can signup and start accepting payments with your phone, and this works for both iPhone and Android. I am interested in this service and I think I will be going for it to try it out 😉 Have you guys tried it?



For more, check out https://www.gotapnow.com/ – Twitter @gotapnow – Instagram @gotapnow for more updates

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