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I was sent a brown bag of baked goodies from Not Guilty Pleasure Bakery not too long ago to review, but since I liked the stuff they sent, I thought I might as well share it on my blog 😉

This looked like a cookie pizza box to me, but when I opened it, it was a raspberry tart made with shortbread crust, cream cheese filling, and topped with fresh vibrant raspberries

I grabbed this box and headed to my uncle’s house for our weekly lunch gathering. Everyone made a remark about the cream cheese filling! It was not on the sweet side, which gave it a twist! The sweet sourness taste of the raspberry with the cream cheese filling used here gave it another taste! Not too sweet, which is good for my taste

The other box contained Rocky Road bites! It was the winner of them all! Made with silky smooth chocolate that melts before it gets into your mouth, biscuits (which gave it a crunch), salted peanuts (added plus), and marshmallows of course! I highly recommend you give this one a try

The last one was a brown bag filled with soft chewy chocolate chip cookies… a treat for a cookie monster like… ahem, truly yours 😉 The chocolate used is a bit on the generous side, but the texture, the chewy-ness, the taste… its oh-so-good! Perfect to go with your afternoon tea/coffee


Thank you guys for treating me to such yummy baked goodies 😉 I, actually my family/friends/and I enjoyed it so much


You can follow them on Twitter @NGPleasure and Instagram @ngpleasure for more pictures and updates of their products. You can also call 60077501 to place your order – email: [email protected]

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