Nail It Hawalli – Reopened with a New Look

Nail It, as most of you know by now, my favorite nail spa in Kuwait reopened its doors at their Hawalli Branch last Friday with a fun and relaxed event. Everything was set to make you feel you were at a cozy gathering with friends! Technicians were all dressed up nicely in their uniforms with fun floral hair accessories and fabulous welcoming mood

Huge nail polish maquettes were placed at the entrance with a studio for the guests to enjoy their picture taken with some props and to show their newly colored nails

You come in and your immediately welcomed with Nail It decorated sugar cookies, Yooni Bar Juice shots, Arabic coffee, and coffee sweets

Now the place does not look that different, it kept the whole feel and theme of their salon, but with a fresher and bigger look… it looks a bit spaced out! I immediately noticed the flooring of the salon changed

Now moving on to the polishes

The range of polishes varies into a huge collection of different colors, brands, style, effects… etc

I was invited to meet Zoya in Kuwait by Beautylicious the very next day (post coming soon) so I decided to go for a crazy catchy color, not my usual taste, but something new for a change! I picked up Zoya Yummy (blue) with Zoya 18K (gold flakes) to go on top. And the result…..

Plus, I was treated as a complimentary for my birthday! Nail It reception called me on my birthday to wish me a fabulous day and a gift from the owner, so thank you guys! And the owner… who eventually became a friend of mine, whom I love so much, Shaikha AlAjran! The queen of nails in Kuwait – I love you S! Thank you for your continuous pampering! I really love your nail spa to bits and bits. Not only have you created just another nail spa, but you created the Nail It family!

Nail It is located in two branches; Hawalli – Tel: 22658869 & Arraya – Tel: 22997970. You can check their website for more here! Follow them on Twitter @nailitspa and Instagram @nailitspa for more updates and pictures…. get to know the Nail It Family better with lots of nail art pictures, services, and their very own events and celebrations!


Special thanks goes to F&M Photography for the amazing pictures they shared with me <3

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