Let Tomorrow Be A Healthy Sports Day with @balsam_alayoub @LuluAlAyoub + @SteamGym

First things first, I was contacted by Miss Balsam AlAyoub on Twitter about an event that will be taking place tomorrow, May 24th 2013 and thought of sharing the news with you 😉

يقام غدا اليوم الرياضي المفتوح لكل سيدة أو فتاة لتشارك بكافة الأنشطة المميزة في هذا اليوم – ٢٤ مايو ٢٠١٣ من الساعة ٩:٣٠ صباحا إلى الساعة ٦:٠٠ مساء في مجمع الصالات الرياضية في نادي الكويت الرياضي في كيفان – للإستفسار و التسجيل ٩٩٣٩٧٣٩٣ – ٩٤٤٦٤٠٥٢

They will be having a ladies-only Sports Open Day tomorrow from 9:30AM to 6:00PM in Kuwait Sports Club in Kaifan. For inquiries, you can call 99397393/94454052 for more info

Click on image below to enlarge Another sport related news is that Steam Gym will be having a Boot Camp tomorrow as well as per their Instagram @steamgym

For a 2 hours Boot Camp with challenges and prizes 😉 It will take place tomorrow, May 24th 2013 at 9:30AM in Yousef Shaheen AlGhanim Indoor Hall, Kazma Club in Adailiya. Free admission and its for ladies only 😉 You can call 25335334 or email [email protected] for more info!




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