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Not too long ago, a friend of my and I were discussing sandwich places… when I remembered that I have reviewed iSandwich on my Instagram a while back but not on my blog….. it is never too late 😉 right?

My friend Badria asked me to review a sandwich place for her friend, in which they wanted my opinion and did not request a post or anything, which I like and admire… and it means they value my opinion. The order arrived in nice smooth brown bags branded with their logo!

I was sent five different sandwiches and a salad… sandwiches were individually wrapped and labeled with their name. The salad came in a clear plastic container. Very simple yet well presented. We cut the sandwiches into smaller pieces at home so each one of us can try different ones

I believe this was the Southwest Chicken Sandwich. I did not try it personally but they said it was not bad at all, a full sandwich of it will get you full for sure. Rich and with lots of cheese and goodness

Halloumi iSandwich… well, not a fan of Halloumi myself, but it looked so good to be resisted! I literally took a bite because I couldn’t resist not to. For a delivered sandwich it looked SO GOOD and not squished, softly grilled halloumi cheese on bed of crispy rocket leaves, fresh tomatoes, on top of zaatar! This is one of their best sellers

Sweet Feta… the picture is not doing the sandwich any justice, but it comes with feta and honey mainly. People with taste buds like mine will appreciate such combo in a sandwich 😉

Classic Turkey Wrap – I did not try that one either

The burger 😉 I got the Mushroom & Swiss one. To be honest, the mushroom sauce wasn’t enough for my taste, otherwise it would have been much better. The beef patty was thick and juicy and more of the mushroom & Swiss would have made it even juicier and tastier. The bun texture should be more fleshy I guess 😉

Now the Rocca Salad was good 😉 A mixture of rocket leaves and sun dried tomatoes (which I love), toassed with Balsamic dressing, pine nuts (which I also like), and Parmesan cheese 😉 Well balanced ingredients

iSandwich offers different kinds of salads, sandwiches, burgers, desserts, and more

You can follow them on Twitter @isandwichq8 and Instagram @isandwichq8 for more updates and pictures, or call them up for delivery at 22498466. They are open from 7:00AM to 5:00PM from Sunday to Thursday and from 12:00PM to 10:00PM Friday & Saturday


Thank you guys for treating us to a wonderful sandwiches 😉 Thank you Badria for arranging it

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