Green Yummies

A while back I was sent a basket full of “Green” yummies from Talal & Abdulwahab of GreenYummies

Green Yummies bring to Kuwait some of the top US brands in the manufacturing of organic and natural products in an aim to change the lifestyles of many here in KTown…. better, healthier, and greener ones 😉

The basket was sent to me with the company portfolio explaining all of this with a personalized hand-written note from the owners

So here are all my goodies; lots of veggie sticks in different flavor and spices, half naked pop corn, and six generous bags of potato chips in different oils, spices, herbs, and flavors!

I placed the basket in our living room, where my sisters and I hang out with our friends most of the time… every once in a while, we would munch on a bag, share some, or play around with it! For example, the potato chips with rosemary was added to one of my salads! It was just amazing! The rosemary flavor got infused with the salad and the dressing, adding a special touch. I believe my absolute favorite flavors were the ones with avocado oil, followed by the olive oil ones. I also liked the sweet potato with chipotle. The half naked pop corn tasted very good in a very healthy way! Light as a feather with light yummy flavor… try it for your next movie night with friends.

You can contact them on 65099899 or follow them on Instagram @greenyummies for more updates, pictures, and daily tips. Below is a sample of some of their available items

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