Dr. Oz (Heart) Almond Butter @DrOz @Natureland_kw

Dr. Oz always talks about the benefits of Almond Butter on his show. He even gave a simple home recipe to make your own. Anyways… I got almond butter from Nature Land because he highly recommended it, and cashew butter called cashemus (I am guess as in hummus) because I just LOVE cashews 😉 Both were Rapunzel brand, thick, creamy, and rich in flavor <3

I use both as spreads, in my homemade protein shakes, plain (as in a spoonful of almond butter before meals so it help to prevent from over eating), or sometimes at night as he recommended it helps improve your sleep pattern in general. Taste-wise? I love and recommend those too! I also tried other butters from Nature Land and they are all really good, honestly!

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