Breakfast at @HarveyNichols Veranda

While I was shopping with Um3azoz a couple of days ago at The Avenues, we decided to have brunch at Veranda Cafe

كنت أنا و صديقتي أم عزوز نتسوق في هارفي نكلز و قررنا نتريق في الفرندا – الكافي الموجود بالطابق الأول و يطل على الجراند أفنيو. المكان تصميمه رائع و يخلط ما بين البساطة و العصرية. الخدمة أكثر من رائعة و الاكل لذيذ جدا. أنصحكم تجربونه

The place was semi full at that hour on the tables overlooking The Grand Avenue, so we sat inside. It was still beautiful with that icy clean looked ceilings, earthy color furniture, and modern setting! Such an inviting calm place for quiet mornings at the mall

The staff were aware of the menu and happy to explain and suggest dishes. Very prompt, very polite, very Harvey Nichols Kuwait of them. I went ahead and ordered the Egg Benedict. I love the fact that they were flexible with my order, because I wanted my spinach on the side rather than below my eggs

As you can see, minimal decoration, but the kind that I call appetizing. It was delicious, though I would have preferred my yolks runny and not well done. I forgot to specify that mini detail when I ordered it. The Hollandaise sauce was creamy/buttery in texture and not clumpy, just how it is supposed to be… with a hint of tangy lemony flavor! Heavenly

Such a beautiful and delicious dish! Moving on to Um3azoz’s dish.. She ordered the Watermelon Salad

She liked it so much that she made her own version the very next day… below is a picture of her creation

Her salad, as she explained on her Instagram, was made with cubed watermelon, feta cheese, rocket leaves, green olives, mint, zaatar (thyme), and pistachios all steeped in a salad vinaigrette! Looks delish Dalal ;)…. Anyways, back to Veranda

We both ordered flavored white tea called Snow Geisha – highly recommended! It tasted floral and fruity… strong flavor with a hint of delicate spice! The first two cups were amazing, but it got a bit bitter afterwards…. our waiter suggested that it got more concentrated towards the end, and that for next time we order this tea in the white pot that comes with the strainer, so we can remove the leaves out once its brewed well within

And you know what it means when I post “The After” picture of my dish 😉 It earned Ansam518 Seal of Approval <3

The Veranda is located in Harvey Nichols Kuwait First Floor. It is overlooking The Grand Avenue. You can either get there from Harvey Nichols, or use their separate entrance from the mall


You can read Um3azoz’s review here!

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