BN_Designs for Ramadan 2013

Guess what? One of my favorite caftan designers are having their exhibition soon, and I already set my mind on what to get from them 😉 Bn_Designs Team is back with their new collection for Ramadan 2013

When? Wednesday, the 29th of May 2013

Where? At @whitexpo in Yarmouk (Address: Block 2, Street 3, Salem Al-Ali Complex) And it’s for ONE day only, so do not miss it! Last year their exhibition was scheduled for two days but they were sold out before day I ended <3

Time??? From 11:00AM to9:30PM

And I am eyeing the yellow one below 😉 I WANT IT 😀

For further information please follow @bn_designs on Instagram Or Contact the on +96566347596

Good luck Nouf & Bibi 😉

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