Behind The Scenes with KFC @kfcarabia and @Cinemagics

Last month I posted a sneak peek of an upcoming TVC for a famous company (link) that Cinemagics invited me to attend, and today I am giving you more of the “Behind the Scenes” pictures of that TVC directed by Sherif Arafa 😉


قبل شهر تقريبا شاركتكم بصور من خلف كواليس دعاية إعلانية من إخراج شريف عرفه حضرتها بدعوة من شركة سينماجكس و اليوم أقول لكم أن هذه الدعاية كانت لدجاج كنتاكي – أتمنى أن يعجبكم الإعلان و صور ما خلف كواليس هذا العمل



 Director Sherif Arafa, such a sport! He is fabulous and fast! He directed from his heart and he was literally on set and talking to everyone… walking them step by step

The balloons here were used to let the cast in the ad look into one direction when pointing up, so it replaced the BIG smiley balloon in the real ad

And the family here enjoying their KFC lunch together

For each take, they check on the food and refill… picking the most “photogenic” food pieces 😉

The director is guiding to the models and crew

Faisal AlBisher and Jamal AlAyoubi taking professional pictures on set

And here are some of our models from the commercial

Mr. Abdulaziz AlJasmi checking out the work on screen

That’s the van where the models got prepped and ready before shooting

Thank you so much Mr. Abdulaziz AlJasmi and Cinemagic for letting me be part of this work… a huge production with a legendary director, Sherif Arafa. Follow Cinemagics on Twitter @Cinemagics for more updates

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