AA – BB – CC – DD What’s Next?

So, I am sure my lady-readers you all caught the BB cream fever? And for that matter the double letter creams, be it AA, BB, CC, or DD!! Those creams you see at drugstores, beauty shops/centers, and cosmetics at department stores… all come in catchy natural fleshy colors of tinted creams with a promising skin perfection finish and improvements with time 😉

AA stands for Anti-Aging, BB stands for Blemish Balm (Base), CC stands for Color Control (Corrector/Coverage), and DD stands for Daily Defense. I honestly got the BB Cream Fever as a start, when my friend Lamia first introduced it to me few years ago. It was not popular and the brand I got was called Dr. Schrammek branded with “Blemish Balm”. I loved it in “Honey” and it was perfect for me! Whenever I wear it, my friends would ask me what have I done recently to get a glowing complexion, but no one back then knew it was the so called “BB Cream” not even me, I would send a picture or say it is Blemish Balm. Apparently BB started in the far east, as an Asian product years back, but gained popularity world wide just the last couple of years. BB cream provides coverage with added benefits for your skin and with lighter texture than your usual foundation. Benefits differ from one brand to another, but it goes from SPF to moisture, and the list goes on…

According to my humble research, CC creams are meant for color correction! Say you have redness, a CC cream will help with that, so it is even lighter than a BB cream, but that again depends on the brand and make of each product. Now the DD cream are somewhat new entrants to the market. I have little info about it but rumor has it that those creams will also focus on the body as a whole, but I am really not sure

Anyways, the creams are moving from one letter to another, that I am not even able to catch up anymore… AA, CC, and DD… God knows if there are more coming! I am just happy with my BB… but even with BB its evolving to other categories now! @imsobeautiful of I’m So Beautiful Blog told me earlier on Instagram about Bourjois’ BB Lipglosses

And on this month’s issue of InStyle US, I saw an Ad for BB Creme for hair from Pantene with 10 solutions in 1 step, repairing rough hair, strength against damage, silky softness, brilliant shine, smoothing, moisture, frizz control, heat protection, manageability, and tamed flyways for a flawless healthy finish

Now what I want to check out is the Philosophy “hope in a jar” a to z cream! Why? First of all, I have to admit, I am a makeup junkie 🙁 secondly, I have tried Philosophy products (available @HarveyNicholsKuwait) and loved them, and lastly because I am curious and I want to have all the alphabets 😛 It comes in Light, Medium, and Tan!


Now ladies… tell me about your experiences, share with me your finds, tips, and secrets! I would love to hear it from you. One lucky reader/commentor of this post with her own personal input will get a surprise from me! Just leave your comment with your correct email address and leave the rest for me <3




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