518 Birthday Greetings by Others

I was so moved yesterday to see lots of reposts by my instagram family/friends/followers of the “Keep Calm” picture I posted

Thank you all… I was very touched! I would also like to thank all those who posted personal pictures of me, collages, with their own personal birthday greetings <3 I loved it all… and for those who made special posts for me, check them out below

By the talented @f2odesigns

My fellow blogger, and dear friend @justnoon

My favorite Nail Spa in KTown @nailitspa

My dear Farah AlHumaidhi @fnhwork

My fellow blogger @candycake12blog

And dear @fafasays

Thank you mom & dad + sisters for the lovely two days celebrations, thank you Friday Gathering Friends <3 <3 Um3azoz, Nora AlHathran, Danderma, Lulu, Shushu, Lamia, Razza, and everyone for adding your special touch  <3 I have more pictures on my Instagram @ansam518 😉

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