Wheat Dough Pizza from @VictusFood #Homeslice

I ran into Mr. Ahmed from Victus Food a while back in Sultan Center, where he showed me the Homeslice Pizza Section at store (link). He wanted me to try Homeslice pizza made with wheat dough, so we arranged for date for delivery… and on that day, right on time (if not few minutes before) this HUGE pizza box arrived at home, where Fulla and I were ready for it 😀

We open the box to find this huge half-and-half pizza, made with half original with cheese, and half with fresh mushrooms

It was fresh out of the oven, arrived in a very good condition… the aroma of spices mixed with cheese, tomato sauce, and mushrooms was killing me, so I am sorry for not taking more pictures

Mr. Ahmed have asked me to try it and give him my opinion… he said no post is needed to go along with this review, but I thought it was so good and worth sharing, specially for Fulla my sister, who went GAGA over it… she really loved it

The pizza size is enough to feed three or four hungry girls (or two in our case 😛 lol)

Now I have tried their pizza before, and I honestly think this one with wheat dough tasted better than the original, it was just the perfect ending for a busy day! The tomato sauce improved, cheese was stringy and delicious, and I love it when pizza places do not use canned mushrooms! As I am writing this post, I am craving a slice (or two)… so yes, it earned my seal of approval and I like it more than their original dough pizzas

You can follow them on Twitter @VictusFood and Instagram @victusfood for more updates and pictures, or call them at 1-VICTUS – 1842887

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