The Turkish from @McDonaldsArabia

Earlier last month I have tried the new McDonald’s Turkish burger, but did not have time to post about it till today 😉

قبل فترة جربت البرجر التركي من مكدونالدز بس ما قدرت أكتب عنه لانشغالي. المهم البرجر التركي متوفر من قائمة نكهات من العالم و لفترة محدودة فقط. جربته و كان مع توابل تركية عطته طعم مختلف مقارب للكفتة 

The Turkish Burger from McDonald’s is from their “Tastes of the World” menu. I had to try it, that’s what I thought, and so I went to McDonald’s and ordered the meal

The staff were dressed in colorful Turkish clothes and accessories, and were very friendly about it too posing for my picture

Here is their Commercial TVC





Anyways, I have decided to eat my burger while watching an episode of Hareem Sultan 😉

The burger patty itself is not bad at all… but to me it tasted more like a juicy Kufta than burger. It is similar to McDonald’s patties but spiced and dressed differently… to fit with the Turkish theme. I am glad I tried it since it is out for a limited time, so if you are up to try a new thing, give this one a go 😉





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