The Gourmet Food Event @gourmetfoodexpo

My friend told me to check @gourmetfoodevent on Instagram and read about their upcoming event in May

It seems that this account is made to arrange for cooking classes, starting with their upcoming ones, on May 15th and 16th, to be held in Marina Hotel

What are those classes gonna be about? Well, for May 15th they are having two classes, one for Healthy but Delicious Gourmet Food and the other will be Easy Fast Recipes in 30 Minutes. For May 16th, it will be also two classes; one Healthier Alternatives for Ramadan Food and the other one will be Sweet Endings

From the posted pictures on their account, I see Chef Adlah AlSharhan pictures, and they said that on the Ramadan class they will be handing out her book, a special edition one, to the participants

For more information or to register, call +96596923000 – follow them on Instagram @gourmetfoodevent for more updates

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