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On my last visit to Toni & Guy at Al Corniche I noticed they had the Giles Deacon makeup and cosmetics bags for label.m on display. The illustration is fun and full of life with all those colors! I believe it was an offer or something, buying four of label.m products to get the Giles bag along with four of their mini/travel size products. At the time, I did not need all those products since I already have plenty. Plus, I was getting my free shampoo anyways from them with their reward cards. So yesterday I received this package from label.m

The Giles bag, along with four minis, and a JuicyFruit Tangle Teezer

The four minis I got were; Leave-In Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, Sea Salt Spray, and Shine Spray… all of which are favorites of mine (actually whats not to like about label.m products). I mean I am addicted to the Dry Shampoo, it comes in handy a lot of times when I only have time to shower but not wash my hair daily! The Shine Spray I use after I am done for a polished finished clean look! Sea Salt, oh I just love it. It gives me that beach look with teased hair look when I dont have time to fully dry it. I can go on and on about those products

And the Tangle Teezer brush? I am already a user and I love it. It minimizes the brushing time, really. It works perfectly well for me before and after I shower and wash my hair, with less hair loss and breakage 😉 So I got the cool Juicy Fruit edition now

Thank you beau-tique for the lovely gift, and special thanks goes to Hasan Alalami for arranging for it – Beverly, you are the sweetests <3

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