I am no expert on dessert in general, I prefer savory food..  but when it comes to ice cream and cookies, I am such a monster!! My cousin Shemayel suggested I give T*Cakes a try, a business owned and operated by her friend… she did not even give me time to decide when she and T*Cakes owner surprised me with three boxes earlier last month!

Three different flavors; Kinder, Cookies & Cream, and Milk Chocolate

I tried them all, and my absolute favorite was the milk chocolate ones

I decided to have them with my afternoon tea (good thing they sent them to me before I started my detox lol)… they were chewy just right, with the right amount of chocolate that looks chunky but simply melt in your mouth teasing your taste buds!

You can order by calling 96936136 – follow them on Instagram @t_cakes for more pictures of their other items. They have, beside cookies, macaroons, biscuits, and more 😉

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