Sneak Peek, Another Fun Photo Shoot with @Cinemagics

تمت دعوتي من قبل شركة سينماجيكس لحضور و تصوير ما خلف الكواليس لعمل دعاية لأحد الشركات العالمية و من إخراج شريف عرفة. استمتعت بحضور التصوير و بالرغم من قيامي بتصوير العديد من جلسات ما خلف الكواليس إلى أن هذه التجربة كانت ممتعة و مختلفة. التقيت بعديد من أفراد طاقم العمل و بالمخرج المميز و المصوران المحترفان اللذان أستمتع بالتصوير معهم: فيصل البشر  و جمال الأيوبي. شكر خاص للسيد عبدالعزيز الجسمي لدعوتي هذه – أتمنى أن أرى المزيد من أعمالكم المميزة 
I was invited by Mr. Abdulaziz AlJasmi from Cinemagics to attend the shooting for an upcoming TVC directed by the legendary Egyptian director, Sherif Arafa

Although I have done so many behind the scenes before, most of which were for photo shoot, this was just different! A production standard kinda work, with a TVC for a famous international company… I will be revealing more pictures once the TVC is out

I was so happy to meet Mr. Arafa in person, as I have seen some of his work/movies such as Halim, Walad El’aam (Escaping Tel Aviv), AlErhab w AlKabab and more… not to mention the many awards he earned during his career

The shooting took place early in the morning, and it was fun taking pictures and see the whole things that goes on to get a simple one minute (or so) TVC out

Two of my favorite photographers on set; Faisal AlBisher and Jamal AlAyoubi, whom I enjoy doing behind the scenes and sneak peeks with

Sherif Arafa directing

Thank you Aziz AlJasmi for having me on set

It was such a lovely morning 😀 – Follow Cinemagics on Twitter @Cinemagics for more updates

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