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As I was leaving Salhiya Complex, I ran into my friend Mohammed AlAsfour, who sitting outside Someday Cafe. He invited me in to check some of the new retail items they added. (Check my previous post about their cool stuff here too)

Just like 10oh8, Someday offer great food selection along with a wide range of drinks and snack PLUS a retail section on display

From notebooks, to fly ties, funky clips, floral covers, insta cameras, and much more! Enjoy the pictures

More on the shelves

I love those sticky notes

Check those metallic piggy/doggy bank 😉

And I love those “I am not a paper cup” coffee cups

Lego notebooks! I LOVE <3 <3

Insta Minis

500XL earphone speakers

Fabric stickers

Moving to the other side… I wanna show you something cool

Someday have book shelves for those who wish to come and borrow books, or read while at the cafe. At any time, you are welcome to bring a book you own and replace it with another one at the cafe to read it. Or you can simply just donate books

The famous porcelain tiles of Someday

Now check this out! Someday have GreenYummies!

And before you leave, take a look at their wall of Polaroids!

Can you see me there??? 😉

Someday is located opposite Salhiya Complex and their tel no. is 22996424 -You can follow them on Twitter @SomedayKW and Instagram @somedaykw for more pictures and updates – Find the full menu here

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