Pizza Express… to Take Away @Talabat

Why do I like Pizza Express? Well, for quite a number of reasons! First of all, convenient location that is close to my area of residence, or in this post fast delivery through Talabat. Check out the packaging! I love it <3

Secondly, the pizza size is just perfect for me… it is made fresh to order, out of the oven with the freshest ingredients! I ordered the Fungi (mushroom) pizza… and it is delicious! You can ask for extra cheese, but I ordered it as it is. The portobello mushrooms are one of my favorite toppings! Cheese is stringy, just like how it is supposed to be… and the dash of herbs on top adds aroma as well as a special flavor

Thirdly, their salads… I usually go for their chicken caesar salad, but wanted a green salad this time. Crisp colored veggies with a dressing that goes well, hand-in-hand, with it

Another thing I like about Pizza Express food is their mini bread buns, which I sometimes order with their dipping sauces! I just love’em

Lastly, their reasonable prices… My total was KWD5.900 PLUS 300 fils Talabat charges! Now tell me, what’s for lunch?? 😛

We have nine branches for Pizza Express in Kuwait. You can contact the store that is closest to you for more info 😉

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