Brunch at @AlFanarDubai at @DFCDubai (Part II)

بعد الجولة في أجواء مطعم الفنر الخارجية في دبي فستيفال سيتي… ندخل المطعم

After the quick tour in the outdoor seating area in AlFanar Restaurant, it was finally time for FOOD!

المطعم من دخل مصمم على أساس إنكم قاعدين في حوش بيت قديم في دبي. الصراحة خفت أزعج الناس داخل بالتصوير فما صورت وايد 

The indoors seating area of the restaurant is just different, it was somewhat filling up with people, so I couldnt take much pictures… but the setting was inside the courtyard of a traditional old Emirates house

كان الويتر – أو النادل – حده حبوب و خدوم، إسمه جف بس قاللي أناديه بإسمه العربي جعفر. المهم إن جعفر بيض الويه و عطني مقترحات و كان يمر علي وايد من غير ما يكلمني أو يزعجني إلا إذا ناديته

My waiter is this cool dude above, Jheff, or Jafar in Arabic as he explained. He was well aware of the menu, giving out suggestions and being super friendly with me. I was dining alone, so he was so attentive checking on me quite a few times, without having to interrupt me during my meal.

Part of the courtyard… and the tree in the middle of it, very traditional as they explained to me

أول ما قعدت أبي أشوف المنيو – قائمة الطعام – قدموا لي تمر بالهرده 

As soon as I got seated, I was served a mouthwatering bowl of dates smothered with tahini (harda). I had three pieces while flipping through the menu

وأنا أكل من التمر اللذيذ قررت أطلب بلاليط و نامليت 

I decided to go for balaleet (thin sweetened vercimilli cooked with saffron, and topped with omelette). As for my drink, I went for Namlait – a fizzy traditional drink in the whole region of GCC I guess

الجو جو بيت… فكنت حدي مرتاحة و مستمتعه. الأكل وصل مع سله خبز حار من الفرن و البلاليط من ألذ ما أكلت برة البيت. أنا جربت البلاليط في مطاعم و قهاوي بس الصراحة هذا الطبق من مطعم الفنر كان الأقرب لطعم طبخ البيت… أوصي به و بشدة بعض! الشعرية كان حلاها مضبوط و البيض كان فرش  و مطبوخ تمام التمام 

I was ready… with the whole awesome atmosphere, condiments, and my bread basket (which was hot and fresh out of the oven). I must admit, this balaleet dish must be the tastiest I have tried that is restaurant prepared and not home-cooked. I mean I’ve tried it in different restaurants, cafes, hotels… but this one was just different and almost exactly like the one we make at home! The vermicelli was sweetened just right, and you can taste all the good spices… egg prepared was just as good to compliment it.. the taste, texture, and smell! I was satosifed 100% and I give it Ansam518 Seal of Approval

I did not even need to use any condiments

النامليت  بعد أضاف للجو العام و نسيت إني في دبي فستيفال سيتي الحديثة 

My Namlait was original flavor, as Jheff recommended… it was good! I was really taken back in time and felt I was in a village, I forgot I was in the urban modern Dubai Festival City

 عقب ما خلصت جف ياني مع المرش بماي الورد و قدم لي الفاتورة. ٤٢ درهم إمارتي، ما يقارب ٣ دنانير و ربع بالكويت، مبلغ مناسب جدا لقاء الخدمة و المكان و الاكل اللذيذ 

Jheff came back with Marash (sprinkler) filled with rose water after I was done with my tasty meal

My total came to AED42, which is around KWD3.250 – very well priced for the high quality food I had, unique atmosphere, and fabulous service

Thank you AlFanar team for a wonderful experience, I look forward to visiting you again on my next trip

And that’s Jamie, the sweet receptionist at the restaurants… you see even the staff members are all dressed traditionally

Al Fanar Restaurant & Café is located on Al Canal Walk in Dubai Festival City Mall and their tel no. is +97142329966 – for more pictures, click here

معطم الفنر يقع على قناة الماي في دبي فستيفال سيتي سنتر – مركز التسوق – و تليفونهم  ٠٠٩٧١٤٢٣٢٩٩٦٦ 

AlFanar Restaurant: – Twitter: @AlFanarDubai

Dubai Festival City – Twitter @DFCDubai

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