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A couple of weeks ago, I had a meeting with some wonderful Burgan Bank staff members; Ms. Haneen AlRumaihi, Ms. Hessa AlNejada, and Mr. Thunayan AlBader. The team introduced the x-change card to me

So what are those cards for? They are made for frequent travelers (Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis), expats who often need to exchange money when they travel back home, students studying abroad, career professionals working outside of Kuwait, online shoppers like most of us )who shop for fashion, airlines, hotels….. etc), individuals seeking medical treatments abroad, and Hajj & Omrah travelers. Currently those cards come in seven different currencies; US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, UAE Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Egyptian Pound, and Philippine Peso. There were talks to expand the service to more currencies, but those seems to be the most needed for Kuwaitis and residents of Kuwait. 

Now what’s so special about those cards? Well well well… where do I start? Those cards are protected against changing currencies conversions and you get to pick the currency(ies) based on your preference. They are also accepted over 23 million locations. I also loved the fact that they can be easily obtained. Yes, you can order them online with the ability to reload online and at branches.. as well as any Burgan Bank ATM, and not only that… those cards are available for everyone; Burgan and non-Burgan customers

I was given two cards; one with USD and the other one with GBP…. both have my name on them presented as Ansam518 😉 How special is that!

First things first… I created an account with MyUS.com courier services to be able to shop online using my x-change USD card. Additional plus to it, is that I get a discount when I log to their website for Burgan Bank x-change card holders http://www.myus.com/burgan

Steps to do so are pretty straight forward, and with an account with MyUS.com I get to order from US based shopping websites without the need to have a US postal address

I got a waived setup (saved USD20 on that), waived membership (saved USD60 for two years), a 20% discount on shipping for the first shipment (FedEx and DHL) and 15% discount on shipping for every shipment (FedEx and DHL) after that for two years! How awesome is that? I cannot wait to start shopping online or when I travel and update you with it all, so stay tuned 😉


You can get your x-change card from any branch or online. The fees for it is KD10 for the cards with the following currencies; USD, GBP, and EUR – valid for three years, and KD5 for the remaining currencies; SAR, AED, EGP, and PHP – valid for three years. You can check Burgan Bank website (here) for more info on the x-change cards and follow them on Twitter @BurganBankGroup for more updates 😉

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