An Account I LOVE on #Instagram is @muradosmann

Murad Osmann is an account I came to know about on Instagram via a shoutout of my friend Nouf H. He have stated on his bio that he is into producing music videos and commercials website, check

Anyways… his pictures are mainly of his girlfriend, giving us her back and guiding him through different cities and attractions around the world, and let me tell you this… I can never have enough of it! The pictures are amazing and the idea is VERY creative! I love it… check it out at @muradosmann

In AlHambra, Granada, Spain

With a Pharaoh

With a snake in Bali… very artistic

And another one in Bali rice fields

Hong Kong

Love this Disney Land, Hong Kong picture! Very playful

He also post random pictures, like some of his behind the scenes when taking pictures of his girlfriend

What do you guys think???

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