518 Everywhere!

Here comes another set of pictures of 518, sent to me from family, friends, and followers! I always LOVE to receive those pictures 😉 Thank you guys!

Dalal S. sent me this picture of her room number in Cambridge, in the hotel she was staying in <3

3chfa was booking tickets online, and her total was KWD518… she shared that with me 😉 Sweet <3

Aziz my cousin sent me this picture all the way from Philly State of Philadelphia Subway… and another one of the time he spotted inside the trolley 😉

I know I said I wont post time pictures… unless they look unique or are creative… and I like this one below, taken by my friend Alfa+

The below pictures are all taken by my Zoona, who spots 518 everywhere almost daily and more than once daily… First one is when she wanted to exercise on her treadmill and found out the person before her (her sis) just burned 518 calories… before she even started LOL

18 May… a day she came across while googling some info

And the many times she spots a 518 when watching different shows/series on TV…

Thank you guys… keep’em coming 😉

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