#YallaNow @Pepsi_Arabia Download Session in Dubai @LeithMatthews

I have been chosen as Pepsi Arabia Influencer from Kuwait (brand ambassador for Pepsi Arabia) on Twitter. You can know more about me and other influencers here!

So not too long ago, I went to Dubai to attend the download session and meet other influencers… But who are Kuwait’s Influencers beside me? Naser AlQatami and Talal Malik

So on the day we met at the lobby of the hotel and were given out per diem by the Agency’s Digital Account Manager, Mr. Ahmed El Gamal of Impact BBDO

And off we headed to MAKE Business Hub, where the download session took place… I believe the owner of the hub is Leith Matthews, one of Pepsi Influencers from Dubai 😉

The place was closed for our event… it was such a lovely atmosphere… very young, hip, and fresh

Also the place was branded with Pepsi goodies and drinks all over 😉

The place was fully equipped to host young business with big ideas… it is an inspiring urban cafe made specifically for mobile workers in Dubai.

The atmosphere provide an environment which nurtures entrepreneurship and promotes connections between liked minded creatives in the area! It is designed in a way to be user friendly for those people

Love the urban design! Its so inviting…. isn’t it?

Everyone was mingling and having fun… I met quite a lot of interesting influencers and staff members of the agency! All very cool and super friendly! The kind of people who really wanna #LiveForNow #EnjoyLife and #HaveFun

There were also differently designed booth to fit different needs and moods

Refreshments were served throughout the session with loads of Pepsi and lovely looking mocktails

Bite size food was also served… mini burgers, pizza cuts into Chicago Squares and it was really delicious

During the mingling I sat with my buddies from Kuwait PLUS Marriam Mossalli of Shoes and Drama Blog and with a nice sense of humor Rajae Qawas – a stand-up comedian from Jordan

The session was about to start, and we were told it would take somewhere from 3 to 4 hours… but it passed by like a breeze simply because it was amazing, with fun speakers, and lots of videos and pictures

It is worth mentioning that QR codes were used wisely in Dubai, I noticed, and here is an example of it used in MAKE Business Hub

You need to scan the code and get rewarded… Love such programs that makes people use technology and social media wisely

And the session started

And we got cool Pepsi branded items to take home with an iPad mini 😉

And this was the last slide… can you spot me skydiving? LOL

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