What’s Happening at Kajal?!

يستقبل مركز كاجال للتجميل  حصريا معالجة الشعر الأسبانية الشهيرة  – ناري سونغ –  و مصففة الشعر و الأصباغ –  ماريسا – و التي عملت مع مشاهير الفنانين مثل ايفا لانجوريا و ميلاني جريفيث من 17 الى 21 مارس 2013

Kajal Beauty Center is pleasured to host exclusively  the renowned Spanish hair treatment specialist – NARY SONG – and Spanish hairstylist and colorist to the starts – Marissa Garcia – who worked with celebrities such as Eva Longoria and melanie griffith  from March 17 to March 21

الشعر الجميل يبدأ بشعر صحي ! عالجي شعرك على الفور مع أخصائية  معالجة الشعر الأسبانية – ناري سونغ – مع أحدث علاجات الشعر مثل منتجات أفيدا العضوية المعتمدة و الكثير من الخدمات التي تشمل 

Beautiful hair starts with healthy hair! Do you color your hair? Do you feel spoiled or damaged after the summer or to weather? Repair the hair immediately with the Spanish hair treatment specialist – NARY SONG – bringing to K-town newest hair treatment and services like AVEDA, the certified organic hair treatments.  Services include:

 1. Aveda Smooth infusion Retexturizing treatment, it’s the ORGANIC version of the Brazilian Blow-dry without the damaging chemicals:

• Formaldehyde Free

• Contains a minimum of 74% naturally derived ingredients with conditioning organic botanicals

• No post-service odor?  Organic Ylang ylang nourishes the senses eliminating all traces of post-service odor

• Can be used on color treated, highlighted and chemically processed hair (excluding hair that has been previously treated with a sodium hydroxide relaxer)

• Formaldehyde Free

• Conditions while it processes

2. Reconstruct Laser Thereby  for Damaged Hair, total recovery of the hair with single process

3. The AVEDA Botanical Protein Therapy

• For your hair:  including Moisturizing treatment and Repair Treatment

• For your scalp : scalp balance treatment and scalp detox treatment

4. The Aveda Protein Treatment :  Certified organic quinoa protein repair, wheat protein helps to protect from the dryer or iron’s heat and soja oil make easier the combing

بالاضافه الى كل ما سبق… خبيرة معالجة الشعر ناري متخصصة بعلاج الكيراتين, اليوكو و جميع علاجات الشعر –  احصلي على أحدث القصات و أصباغ الشعر الجديدة مع مصففة الشعر الأسبانية ماريسا الان

 All of the above is offered by Nary Song along with Keratine, Exsmooth Therapy, Yuko and Steam hair treatments.

سارعي بحجز موعدك الان لدى مركز كاجال للتجميل بمنطقة السرة, للاستفسار 25350855

 Hurry up and book your appointment today ! Call 25350855 – Kajal Beauty Center in Surra

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