Scoop a Cone in Dasma

I was at Scoop a Cone newest branch in Dasma earlier today, where I met with Razza and Mrs. Bibi AlQatami, the amazing person behind the social networks of AlKout Food Group. We chit-chat about many things while I sipped on their Americano – good good full bodied coffee

Just like their own theme, the place is full of live and dreamy atmosphere, a dream full of frozen yummies that is! The staff members were super friendly, specially Faizal (look for him, he is a cool dude) check him out dancing in the pic above

The pastel colors used in the interiors are everywhere… the seating, tables, arrangements, walls, display… everywhere

And in this new branch, they have their rotating ice cream display freezer

And the “Star of the Moment” at Scoop a Cone is their Alfonso Mango flavor, in which they gave me some to take home with me 😉 Not to be missed for Alfonso lovers <3

Oh and the I <3 Kuwait Popsicle ice cream (lollies) – love it when restaurants and cafes get all patriotic… it touches my heart <3

More gelato flavors on display

Various various toppings to enjoy with your scoop (or scoops) of ice cream in a cone or cup 😉

I am guessing they will be having drive-thru soon 😉

Drop by and check the place out… and give the Alfonso flavor a go 😉 It is in Dasma, Block 5 right next to Burger King… easy to get to from 2nd Ring Rd…. Buon Appetito 😉

Follow them on Instagram for more updates and mouthwatering pictures @scoop_a_cone

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