Riham AlAyyar: Great Farewell Email

Last night I received a leaked message from a friend about Mrs. Riham AlAyyar leaving Wataniya Telecom…. As in resigning and moving on! I was shocked simply because I just relate the two together, strongly… Riham is Wataniya! While I worked there few years back, I saw her treating Wataniya as her own baby. She was there from the beginning, and for 13 years! I wish you all the best Riham, wherever you decide to go! Here is the leaked email of her resignation, I liked it 😉 Thought of sharing it with you all after I took her permission of course 😉


Fellow Colleuges & Dear Friends,

As you can all see from the subject this is my farewell email to all of you, i tried my best to come up with a farewell email that is non traditional and more personal so here we go. Yes it is true that I am leaving Wataniya Telecom or shall i say ooredoo but whats not true that i will be joining any other organization in the time being. So i decided to take some time off and spend all my bonus on shopping 🙂 lets hope its a good one this year.


Ugh. i just didn’t think it would be this hard, it seems when they say in the traditional farewell letters ” it is with mix feelings or its sad to write this…” apparently this is totally true not cliche.


After 13 years of working with some of the finest and the most talented people in the industry, my life has been greatly enriched by the kindness and encouragement so many of you have shown to me. i will greatly miss all of you, every single one of you have taught me something and it made me a better person either professionally or personally so thank you all.


i consider myself one of the lucky ones in Wataniya for i had a blessing not a lot in the company had the friendship we share.


Thank you Communication Team & Customer Experience,

You are truly the best team any managers wish for, keep up the good work 😉 The last advice i will give you as your manager is to live your life  with honesty, integrity and kindness. take the high road and always be passionate about your projects don’t let negative words pulls you down. Dream Big … Be inspired ..Be tolerant of others and always Be an inspiration to others …..always remember that you have responsibility to yourself …to do amazing things and i will be following your success. You are all very professional and skilled in your job and i know that you will all have a fruitful careers.  I seriously truly from the deepest point of my heart love you allllllll


Thank you indian Mafia,

you guys who i will mis the most 🙂 i am glad i was friends with you guys … you taught me a lot of things you guys were always there for me whenever i needed help for any of my projects. you are the hero behind the scenes for most of my projects without you it won’t happen. we have shared so many good and bad times together. i simply love you


Thank you French Mafia,

You guys share the same love with the indians in my heart . you went out of your ways to move stuff and do wonders. your support to me and my team was always there i will truly miss you all.


Thank you CXO’s,

Chiefs i will be missing running around with papers need to be signed between your offices, but never the less you never let me down. You believed in me…. You trusted me….. and you gave me all the support you could. ( including the chiefs that left wataniya already). i sincerely thank you for everything.


Thank You Commercial Team,

for you guys my words are lost, we laughed we fought we argued but we were always ONE TEAM that no one could break us god bless you all. i grew up with you guys from being a junior executive till i reached being Sr Director Communications, without you i would never been able to reach here.


Thank You Customer Care Team,

you always try your best to keep up with communication fast pace 🙂 i know we gave you such hard times on some launches thank you for your patience and tolerance with us.


Thank you Tech & IT,

we don’t have direct projects together but for some reason we share the same passion on projects so sometimes we end up together and i never recall that you guys ever said NO to any request. thanks for all the support.


Thank you H.R & Admin,

Again i never recall you guys saying no to any requests, we faced together a lot of issues we argued but we always reach a friendly conclusion together.


Thank you Finance,

i used to hate numbers but you guys somehow put that interest in me and helped me in understanding how it works. you have always supported me in the budgeting process and always helped in offering how to make things better.


Thank you Regulatory,

thank you for opening your offices for us and helping us out with ministries. We shared jocks together we shared food and it was blissful.


Thank You Purchasing

for always doing your best to get our things on time and negotiating the prices for us. Dear Dr AbdulHameed & Dear Ali I wished I have worked with you more you bring to us the experience and the knowledge that we always wanted and needed.


Thank You Legal

For always having our back and enlightening us legally on different contracts.


Thank you Abdulaziz Fakhroo,

you are such an original, big hearted, kind,intelligent, hard working Boss and a Gentleman. i have worked with you for a year now you have couched me well, taught me how to see things from differant perspectives and try to always give the person in front of me the benefit of the doubt.


So the business will continue as usual, but you are no longer required to keep up with my demands and jokes 🙂  I can only wish that any new challenge i decide to take will give me such rewarding experiences and supportive friends.


Yes Iam leaving Wataniya but i can assure you that i will always be a Wataniya Ambassador and will always follow its success.


Thanks again. Its been a pleasure working with you. May all enjoy a wonderful success in the years to come




Sincerly Yours

Riham Al Ayyar

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