Recommended: Things to Have While Traveling…

Along with my list of things to have while traveling…. I recommend you check out those two items that I took with me on my last trip; the @PrayEveryWhere set and the @Paper_Room travel notebook

The Pray Every Where set is a small pouch with drawstring (or zipper) that you can have with you on the go to use when its prayers time… very useful for traveling and even while going out in Kuwait, specially in shopping malls 😉 To order one send a WhatsApp message to 65136261 with your name, address, color of preference (check their instagram), and wait 😉 It takes 1-2 weeks to finish a set

The Paper Room newest notebook is called (أنا و سفاراتي), very useful for traveling to take a note of things to see or things you’ve seen, size charts, timing zones, conversion tables, and much more… check out their instagram for more here!

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