Recommended: @ButtercupCafe Chocolate Truffles

Our friend Dina brought Chocolate Truffles from Buttercup Cafe (formerly known as Athba’s Bakery) to our gathering, and they were a BIG HIT! The kind of truffles that leaves finger licking traces on your fingertips, and nothing in your mouth…. they simple melt leaving you in ah-so-good feel! My friend Dina literally took the box out of my hands because I would not stop, and I am not into chocolates much you know! The powdery super soft shell covering the creamy ganache goodness is just awesome! As I am writing this post, I want to grab my phone and place an order! You know what, I might as well do that LOL

Buttercup Cafe is located in AlShaab Seaside – Block 8 on Alkindi St and their Tel # is 22646635/22621232, For more, follow them on Twitter @ButtercupCafe and Instagram @buttercupcafe

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