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I was out of Kuwait for about a week, and super busy with family when I returned, and so I have not been active on my blog as much… but what the hey 😉 I am back and with some pictures to share with you all! Starting with #KuwaitRockKenzo, where pretty Noaf from PLTQ8 invited me to attend the Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot for Kenzo’s upcoming collection, but it was last Wednesday, the day I landed in Kuwait. Basically Al Yasra Group will be celebrating the opening of their newly renovated Kenzo Boutique located on the Ground Level of hte Avenues Phase II.

If you are following Noaf on Twitter/Instagram, she kicked off a buzz by picking up six gorgeous ladies who she felt embodied the Kenzo spirit, and asked each one to style herself from the Spring/Summer Collection and pose for a few quick photos by the amazing MeBlogging… here are some sneak peek pics for you (Thank you Noaf for taking them on my behalf, I was there in spirit lol)

As you can see, the collection represent the vibrant jungles of Asia, mostly in the colors of green and ochre, prowling with clouded leopards and tigers… RAWR

The raw natural energy of the collection’s inspiration is translated to urban language for spring! You see jolts of ice blue and pale pink, with geometric and organic patterns… and looser silhouettes.

I dont think a woman wearing any of this pieces can pass unnoticed! The irrelevant illusions, the camouflage, the vibrant hues of turquoise and yellow mustard, forest prints… not to mention the accessories, where Kenzo did it again and partnered with Delfina Delettrez who has created a collection of jewelry pieces featuring textured, printed material, fringed arm cuffs, animal rings, and more

Sky high leather boots with drawstrings…. glossy lizard sandals, metal detailing and more in the footwear


Sherifa AlRoumi, SNR Jewels, a jewelry Blogger

Yalda Golsharaifi & Fajer AlAwadhi, founders of local label Bohemiah

Noha AlRoumi, founder and designer of local label NohaNoor and a Fashion Blogger

Afrah Bouhamra, Financial Analyst with impeccable taste

Dalal AlHajeri, Marie Claire Kuwait’s style spotter


Now my dear followers, show me how you rock your Kenzo by posting an image on instagram, using hashtag #KuwaitRocksKenzo 😉 Lets share our Kenzo style 😉

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