Cafe Meem with Mom @MMCKuwait

On a quiet morning earlier last month, mom and I were at 360Mall and decided to grab a quick bite for breakfast. We dropped by Meem

I wanted to mainly have a Zaatar Manqoosha, but decided to diversify a bit and order their famous three mini manqoosha platter with French coffee

I love having French Coffee (and Turkish) at Meem! Love the presentation of it too. It is servved on a stone board with the cup set and cezve, the special pot used to prepare French and Turkish coffees

And my order came in.. Poor mom just had a juice I think that day LOL

I started with the zaatar, my favorite… it is SO GOOD! Prepared in their oven and it comes out with this oven smoked flavor. The zaatar itself was tangy-licious! Labneh is my second favorite, and I ordered it plain with no toppings 😉 I was too full to eat the third one so I boxed it to go.


I regularly drop by Meem for yummy mini bite platters, hearty breakfast, or just coffee. They have three branches; One in The Avenues, Phase I next to Mango. The second one is in 360 Mall ground level by the fountain, and the third branch is located in the Basement of AlHamra Luxury Center.


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