Breakfast at @Qcafe_

Last week I dropped by QCafe for breakfast with my friend

QCafe have been recently renovated and I love the new look way better than the old one! This one is more edgy and modern with a twist… I just realized I have not posted about the opening, so I will be posting that soon

Anyways, I ordered the Kuwaiti Egg Benedict with white tea, my friend ordered the New Yorker with Orange Juice

On the menu, it says the Kuwait Egg Benedict with chick peas and shaved veal 😉 Honestly at first I was a bit disappointed… it looked like some sort of fried mixed (7amsa) on a brioche toast, topped with poached egg and roasted skinned cherry tomatoes… the mixture beneath the egg did not look appetizing to me at all, but when I took the first bite, I was sold! It tasted REALLY good specially with the egg… Yes, I bet by now you know about my taste buds 😀 Really nothing to complain here except for how it was not appetizing to me at first. The tomatoes on top added an extra tang, the Benedict sauce was prepared in the right way… and overall, this kind of dish is made for someone with taste buds like mine LOL! Even my friend who thought it wasnt appetizing at first, took a bite and liked it

Here is the other order, The New Yorker. Fried egg, hash-browns, hot dog, and buttered toasted bread. It wasn’t bad as per my friend 😉

The funny thing is when I asked for my white tea, which took for ever to get and mistaken for OJ at first, this cup above arrived! I thought to myself, this isn’t white tea! Its hot water, fresh shreds of ginger, a lemon slice, and rose water… it is what I call (and everyone else) a white coffee, not white tea! White tea is an herbal drink. Nevertheless, I wasnt in state of mind to keep changing my drinks and settled for it, since I like white coffee anyways

Our total came to KD8.600


QCafe is located in Sharq, Kuwait City on Jaber AlMubarak St. Opposite Dasman Complex, and their tel is 22495067


Follow them on Twitter @Qcafe_ and Instagram @qcafe_ – Here is the MENU

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