Bon Patisserie & Cafe #Dubai

While in Dubai earlier this month, I passed by Souk AlBahar a lot, and on the last day I was busy packing and taking it easy on time, so I missed breakfast at the hotel and decided to walk to Souk Al Bahar for a quick bite

I stopped by Bon Patisserie & Cafe serving a selection of savory and sweet crepes, waffles, pancakes, and the famous coffee bun… all freshly made upon order in front of customers

I have decided to go for the coffee bun and karak, since its their signature dishes selling at AED24, which is around KD1.850

I place the order and sat down waiting…. the place was filled with the smell of freshly made buns!

Just like the Papparoti Bun, it is made crispier and with harder sweet shell, but with fleshy soft and buttery filling! It is, to be honest, more flavorful than the famous Papparoti Bun (which I have reviewed here, here, and here)

Not to mention the service staff who were all very friendly and all smiles. I am dropping by for sure next time I am in Dubai, I want to try other drinks… since their karak was just okay for me, not flavored enough and a bit watery… but the bun was AMAZING!


For more, check out their Facebook Page HERE!

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