@BeautiBrows at Dubai Festival City

While shopping at Dubai Festival City, I came across this mini shop called Beautiful Brows. They basically sell kits to shape your eyebrows with the right color and shape in a way that helps in flattering and framing your face. I tried it while I was there by their technician and loved it. Not only did it give my brows a nicer shape, but it made them looked more groomed. I fell in love instantly and bought a kit for AED200 (around KD15.500)

The kit comes the eyebrow color, brush, three stencils, mascara that works for both lashes (top and bottom), and an organic lipstick

I honestly love it, and I think it is one of the best eyebrows kit I have bought, but I think it is missing tweezers to compliment the set 😉 Wearing a perfectly shaped eyebrows can bring out your eyes 😉 There are three shapes to use (stencils) my favorite is the natural… and the technician taught me how to wear it on, easy steps and they last all day… water resistant and so it is like semi permanent. It is removable with an oil base makeup remover! Wonder if we will be getting them in Kuwait? Any idea??

Check out this video for a quick demo 😉



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