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My friend, Lulucious and I decided to have brunch at The Regency Hotel, Kuwait

The weather was beyond amazing for us not to sit outside, so we sat in the terrace overlooking the pool area and the beach. It was perfect. The blue sky, the gentle breezes, the company, and the surroundings in general

The restaurant is called Al Liwan, located in the central lobby of the hotel and the terrace where we sat. Inside the lobby, the place is like over 20 meters high designed with italian marble, chandeliers, and huge glass windows. The menu consisted of breakfast section, snacks, sandwiches, desserts, pastries, and hot/cold beverages. They also have special blends of Gryphon teas made for the Regency hotel. The menu also contained a sub menu for chocolate lovers. Its called “Crazy for Chocolate!”

For drinks, I ordered Sophie, a pomegranate juice with ginger and other good stuff! Ginger flavor was not overpowering the drink itself, it was the perfect blend for such juice… a bit foamy on top though

And if you have been reading my Luluscious outing posts, you would know by now what Lulu would order… Lemon with mint 😉

We both wanted to have the Club Sandwich. It was recommended to me by my friend Dana Mado, and it was not on the menu.. but the waitress told us its an off-the-menu item and they can prepare it for us 😉

Our orders came in…. nicely presented, just like how a room-service dish would look like in a reputable hotel

The plate contained four squares of the club sandwich, with coleslaw, and french fries tucked in a paper cone… simple and elegant

The bread was toasted just right, it retained it softness with a kick of toasted crunch. Ingredients within were super fresh and veggies were crisp too! The Sandwich hit the spot just right!

Loved it and I recommend it for my readers! Honestly the atmosphere, the weather, the whole place, the service, and of course the company :* made it even better! Give it a try.. I mean Al Liwan in general, and try the club 😉 I am going again for more… for sure


Our total came to KD15.800


Al Liwan opens from 8:00AM to 12:30AM – So you can drop by for breakfast/brunch, snack, lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner 😉 For further information you can call them on 25766749

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