A @965Flowers Surprise with a @_LocalFlavor_

A while back, I have received a basket full of goodness!

The Basket was from 965Flowers, surely prepared with love! A bouquet of flowers in red and pink, a combo I love by the way, muffins, cookies, some sort of bonbons, a story, and a DVD

The concept and design was by Local Flavor – Marketing & PR Company

Loved the attention paid to details! The basket is basically similar to the one Little Red Riding Hood was carrying in the story… gotta love the tiny Little Red Riding Hood print here <3

They really bring in a blast from a somewhat an early past!

I gave the story to my niece Zayooni who had sparkles in her eyes out of joy! I read her the story and went back to my own childhood memories of this story, and the play I attended as a kid in Kuwait performed by Huda Hussein at the time



Back in time when we really enjoyed musical plays at the theater with higher standards!!! Ahhh memories <3 <3

Just a thoughtful and wonderful gift basket

Thank you guys for bringing back feel-good memories – I know the lyrics to this musical by heart by the way <3

For more, you can check the social network channels for 965Flowers and Local Flavor – follow them for more updates (965 Flowers have an iPhone App too)

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