What’s On Today?! @SaduHouse & @Octium

Well… a couple of events tonight that I wanted to share with you my readers 😉 First things first… Sadu House is holding a Kuwait Textile Arts Association meeting today presenting “Al Bisht: The Elegant Traditional Men’s Cloak of the Gulf”. They will be having Mr. Reyad Al Baghli to speak about it, one of the oldest trades started by his family more than 150 years ago. If you wanna learn more about the “Bisht”, how and when to wear it, and how the delicate gold braiding “zari” is woven into every bisht… drop by Sadu House tonight at 6:30PM

For more updates, news, event announcements, and loads of picture… you can follow them on Twitter @SaduHouse and Instagram @saduhouse


Another event happening tonight is Octium Jewelry holding an exhibition under the name “For The Love of Kuwait” starting tonight and running for three weeks. The collection presented are by local jewelry designers @DanaNafisi – @thhaba_jewelry – and @nwndesigns. Follow @Octium on instagram for more pictures and updates 😉

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