The Pie Shop – Kuwait

My friend sent me a pecan pie yesterday from @thepieshopkw and it was out of this world – I thought of sharing this review of it with you

The pie arrived in brown paper box tucked in a brown bag with their vintage looking polka dot stickers sealing all the goodness inside…. just right before lunch – so it was still warm and ready for the attack

I have tried quite a few items from The Pie Shop, even before they turned it into a business and I must admit that the baked goodies that comes from her oven are packed with goodness! The traditional look with lots of love involved into preparing each piece

The pie was decorated with Kuwait’s flag in the middle in celebration of February festivities <3

The smell was OH-So-Good!!! I wanted to steal a bite right away

My slice = total satisfaction! Loved every bite! Inside the crust, all the good stuff were packed into this slice. The pecans were roasted inside a crunch of sugar something, the filling was lip-smacking good <3 <3 The crust itself was just perfect… I am talking color, taste, texture. My little niece wanted to have just the crust calling it yummy biscuit! This pecan pie is by far the best I have tried in Kuwait, and I have tried so many 😉 And yes, it easily earned Ansam518 Seal of Approval

To order your pie, WhatsApp 90087636 – follow them on Instagram @thepieshopkwfor more yummy pictures (its dangerous, don’t say I did not warn you) – Orders can be taken between 10:00AM to 10:00PM with 24 hours notice ahead of time

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