The Dark Room Experience @DarkRoomKw

For a while now I have been hearing and reading reviews of the Dark Room restaurants around the world. The idea is for you to experience dining from a different prospective, to have your meal in total darkness! What you are used to, when it comes to dining, will become a new experiment for you to experience! So yeah! I was invited to the Dark Room in Kuwait to experience all of this 😉

Located in the basement of Burj Jassim, the restaurant is not yet fully operated, and so it is not officially opened to the public. I was greeted by Hamad and Bader at the entrance and was taken into a mini tour into the reception area, lockers room, and waiting lounge.

What you basically need to do at the entrance is check your things in, and leave your belongings in a locker, because you wont be needing them! No photography is allowed in the restaurant area 😉

The waiting lounge is so calm and relaxing… as you walk from the reception/lockers area it gets a bit dimmed! I think they are making it easier on your eyes to go darker little by little. There you are served refreshments, check the menu, and make your payment. We were invited, so no payment for us.

I sat a bit with Hamad and Bader before Woogy and Nouf arrived

The lounge was so relaxing and calm! We talked about their initial idea, how paper work in Kuwait takes for ever sometimes, how the idea was a bit change to fit the new situation and lots more! Initially they wanted a cooperation with Q8BA! That was the main idea, but we will see how it goes from there. Now the dining experience! We were given disposable aprons and were guided inside the restaurant into narrow halls guided by one of the staff members who was wearing those special goggles. You go in and its dark! Dark in the sense I could not see Arwa nor Nouf. The idea here is to let you experience it all, with out the sense of sight, your other senses should be intensified! Meaning, when it comes to tasting or smelling food… touching it maybe!! Hearing everything around you!

It took me a while to adjust to this new atmosphere, the music was loud though… or at least I thought so. Food came in to our table, and I felt for some reason it was nicely decorated. I used my smell sense at some point, but I avoided touching it! There were times where my fork got into my mouth empty with no food on it LOL! I started with baked potato soup, which I sipped directly from the bowl… I did not used the spoon for it. Then my main meal was chicken in lemon sauce with pasta! I would have preferred if the chicken was cut into smaller pieces, but I guess they wanted us to experience the fork and knife action in the dark… The chicken tasted really good! My dessert was bread pudding, and although a bit too sweet… it was the perfect ending to my meal. It was so funny that at some point my spoon would have tiny tiny bit of the pudding, and at other point I will have one huge mouthful bite!


After we were done, we went back to the lounge area, the staff lit the whole place for us and the restaurant was nothing like I imagined! I did not take pictures of course because I want you guys to go and experience it all once its officially opened! Truly a nice experience


Thank you Hamad for the invitation 😉 I really enjoyed it


For more check out their website: – follow them on Twitter @DarkRoomKw and Instagram @darkroomkw for more pictures and updates

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